Consult a French gynaecologist

Qare provides the possibility of having a consultation with a French gynaecologist online in few clicks. All of our practitioners are trained and have got their diploma in France.

Questions about pregnancy ? menopause ? premenstrual syndrome? contraception ? etc.. You will get all your answers thanks to our gynecologists available on the platform.

Pregnancy leads to lots of changes in a women’s life, on her body and also on her feelings. Questions on this particular period can emerge, Communication simplicity offered by Qare allowed our patients a monitoring and give answers to all questions during their pregnancy

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The end of periods, hot flashes, weight gain can describe the arrival of an inescapable period for women: menopause. Our gynecologists can support you during this period and prescribe appropriate treatments in order to live better this new step.

You feel tired, irritable, your lower abdomen is puffy and you have headache? All these symptoms can characterise premenstrual syndrome. You can talk with our gynaecologists who will help you to handle this difficult period for lot of woman.

The implementation of a new contraception can be complex. Our gynecologists inform you about all the actual different contraception’s forms that exist and help you find the one for you. They can ‘follow you up’ and adjust the methods according to your choices.

The first contraception's consultation is a long consultation that can take time and that require an in-depth inquiry from the French gynaecologist. There are today several contraception methods and many women hesitate to take the pill because of the high level of hormones. Being able to talk and to ask all your questions to a French gynaecologist will allow you to be quickly reassured and cured at anytime.

When you are expatried, questions about your private health can be hard to express in a foreign langage. Thus, being able to speak and ask all your questions to a French gynaecologist will allow you to be quickly taking care of.
When we become a mum in a foreign country, any question about our pregnancy or the baby's health will worry us. We usually need to have answers quickly during the first months of pregnancy or event after the baby is born.

Seign a French gynaecologist on video can be usual but there are many questions you can ask by video. It will allow you to avoid to travel to the medical practice and to loose time. During the first pregnancy of her life, a woman can have difficulties to go see a gynaecologist each time she has a question and the video-consultation could be a solution to help her find easily answers.

Midwifes can also answser to a lot of questions and can be consulted instead of the French gynaecologist in many cases. Midwifes can even be consulted for contraception and are also able to issue prescriptions. Qare allows you to consult both French Midwifes and French gynaecologist by taking easily and quickly an appointement. They are both available every week for video consultation.

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Consult a french gynaecologist